Successful young woman crushing it

Face it till you make it!

Get up. Work hard. Fail. Stand back up. Face it again.


This is exactly what Call Betty! & Ladies Who Lunch and She Shops Local is all about. It is impossible to fake it in a business world where authenticity is so valued.

It is about being real and showing your truth. Showing your non-Instagram filter and being real.

Business is about representing your beliefs and standing up for what you believe in, without worrying what others around you are saying.

In fact, you are moving forward so fast that you can’t even hear what others are saying. It’s a dull blur and it doesn’t matter.

Rise up and admit defeat. Admit that it was hard. Admit that others told you -“you can’t do this”. Acknowledge them, thank them for their opinion and then move forward.

In order to be seen and heard, you need to be everywhere. Use stealth-like moves to position yourself, so you are everywhere.

COMMIT to your community. REFER your business neighbour. RISE UP to every single challenge.

YOU are a REAL & AWESOME power.

WATCH OUT–this is your year to #CRUSH #business.

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