Meet Susan from Cafe Latte Cino

Ladies allow me to introduce myself. My name is Susan Saikaley Fahel and I am the owner of a few LOCAL businesses right here in Ottawa.  Cafe Latte Cino is my heart and soul.  Modern Gift Designs is my baby and Shop My Closet is my newest venture.

Local is the heart of everything. Imagine walking through a neighbourhood or driving down the streets and seeing only big box stores and shopping malls? You can’t can you? What you do see are all the small businesses, beautiful local shops and amazing restaurants owned by people who live, work and play in your neighborhoods. They are the heart and soul. 

Cafe Latte Cino and all my other businesses rely on you and your support. We have been so fortunate to have had it and we feel the love every single day. Without our communities and our friends and family supporting us we would have not made it to where we are today. 

When the first She Shops Local guide was printed we couldn’t wait to be a part of it. The support we have been given through it has been like no other. THANK YOU for continually choosing to support local and small businesses. When given the choice always choose your neighbours’, friends’ and families’ businesses to support. Ladies we are stronger when we need to be and there is no time like the present to make the right choices. 

Thank you Catherine Landry for being there for all of us as an amazing supporter and for providing us with a platform like Ladies Who Lunch and She She Shops Local to help us grow and discover. SHE SHOPS LOCAL all the way! 

Make it your go-to, your first stop and your bible when you need a service or a product.

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