Live Your Dream

Step Into Your Vision & Live Your Dream!

“I know there’s something more for me to do », she said, as she sat on the edge of the armchair facing me, eyes wide and excited. « I know how I want to help others. I’m just unclear how to put it all together. “

Sound familiar? Perhaps you have been feeling a pull, a knowing that you are meant to serve in a much bigger way, that there is more for you to do, to explore, to live. Your vision and mission, that deep inner knowing that it’s your time to live your calling, comes from within. You do not go to the department store of Visions & Missions Unlimited, cruise the aisles and pick one to try. No. You are inspired from within and you have a deep desire to create a positive and lasting impact doing what you feel called to do.

How do you step fully into your vision and mission to live your dream?

  1. Get clear why this is important to you. What is the driving force? Why does it matter so much to you? List the underlying reason(s) you feel compelled to move your vision and mission forward.
  2. Get clear who will benefit and what results they will have. Your vision and mission is meant to serve those who will experience positive results due to your service to them. What will they experience as a result and how will this improve their lives?
  3. Give yourself permission to live without the judgement of others. This may be challenging but living your vision and mission will require you to let go of what others think while you stay true to what you need to do.

Need additional help? Go to to download the Vision Strength Checklist.

Pierrette Raymond is a multi-business owner, visionary and entrepreneur who works with visionaries to successfully launch, execute and live their visions and missions and have the impact they know they are destined to make.


Pierrette Raymond