Warriors of The Light Academy is a health and wellness company that helps strengthen women, men and youth's inner and outer warriors.

Our workshops, events and classes, strengthen and empower people's minds, bodies, and souls in real ways, reconnecting them with their personal power.

We offer opportunities for growth and evolution in a supportive environment for people who wish to connect with new friends while strengthening themselves along the way.

Our mission is;

1. To offer opportunities for growth and empowerment in a supportive environment for people who wish to own their personal power, connect with new friends, and strengthen themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
2. To create a safe and inclusive environment that supports, educates, and trains people to be their strongest, most authentic selves, and to help them value who they are as compassionate, kind and capable members of society.

Why do you need Warriors of the Light Academy?

You are looking to develop new physical skills and prowess
You want to build your confidence & self-awareness
You want to support others and feel supported
You want to find a bigger purpose to life
You want to feel more empowered
You want to be able to physically, mentally and emotionally protect yourself
You want to belong to a group of compassionate and inclusive friends
You need help learning to love yourself in healthier ways
...and more