As a Canadian boutique digital agency in a sea of both sharks and tadpoles, we pride ourselves on our unorthodox ideas and our ability to stay true to your brand. At SOCL Media (pron. social media), we have an unbridled passion for supporting fellow women in business and our true love is #local Ottawa.

Our focus is on providing innovative strategy, an engaged audience, and meaningful results.We love to see our clients win and this is why they consistently come back with their latest challenges and opportunities, and why we’re so often recommended to business owners – just like you!

This is our true measure of success and for this we are thankful.

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“Facebook Ads don’t work”

“Digital Marketing is ineffective”.

We often hear from prospects who want to work with us for one “quick” ad or an “easy” 1-week campaign with a $100 ad spend budget. Some only want one portion of the services we outline in our proposal and here’s why we don’t:

We can’t jump into a business and “magically” help you convert if you’re not willing to put in the work to stand out.

We can’t fix something that’s not “marketable” yet. If your website sucks, your content is all sales-driven, and you refuse to address it – even a giant Facebook ad budget won’t save you.

You can’t hand over your business to someone else hoping for results when you‘re missing half of the pieces to the puzzle.

Closing those gaps begins with digging deep into your business and developing a strategy that makes sense for you and your audience before investing in tactics to boost sales.

Our Audit & Strategy process is so much more powerful than just offering a service to bandaid a need.

I don’t “run ads”

I get to know your business, its systems, and your audience – inside and out – so we can maximize marketing opportunities instead of throwing bandaids on what isn’t working.

That’s my superpower.

What’s yours?

– Krystal Archibald
Founder & Digital Wizard @SOCL Media