How To Support Local In Uncertain Times

As a small business owner in Ottawa, I can confirm  – There has never been a better time to support local!

Small businesses honestly keep the economy humming.

Take some time out of your day to send them some love – AND YOUR SUPPORT.

Check out for a listing of interesting, creative and incredible woman-owned businesses in and around Ottawa:

The businesses listed here represent some amazing women – not the least of which is Catherine Landry (Owner of and the force behind LADIES WHO LUNCH – OTTAWA, LADIES WHO WORK and many other helpful FB pages.)

In these challenging times, I encourage you to think about your local businesses and pitch-in, where possible.

✅ Check their social media channels. LIKE and FOLLOW them. It’s like a little cheer of support and it costs you nothing!

✅ Check websites too – Most local business have updated hours of operation, delivery times, special services, online options, etc. Order online or call them.

✅ Share information about your favourite businesses on your personal and business profiles. Encourage friends and family to buy local.

✅ See if your favourite local businesses offers gift cards. That’s a great way to support local while sharing some love with friends and family. Buy the cards now (even if they are for yourself) and cash them in later. The business will appreciate the boost to their cashflow.

✅ Check directories that gather local businesses (e.g.

YOU Can make a difference in the lives and well-being for others by supporting local!

Catherine Priestman

CP Business Solutions Inc.

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