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Greenbelt Massage Therapy

WE ARE LOVING Greenbelt Massage Therapy!!!

Owned by the powerhouse entrepreneur Margery Thomas who is a Registered Massage Therapist.🙌👐🤲🙌👐🤲Margery has a dedication to each individual massage therapy client whether they are high-level athletes, stay at home moms looking for a break, someone recovering from an injury, or anyone else receiving a massage.

She takes pride in her work and is constantly expanding her knowledge base to be aware of new techniques that may contribute to your overall health success. Margery is trained to treat a variety of injuries and common problems and constantly works to bring you the best care possible. She specializes in TMJ dysfunction, concussion and post-concussion syndrome, helping those with mental health issues and trauma. She strives to create a safe, body-positive, and inclusive space. You do not need to be injured or suffering to benefit from massage therapy, relaxation is reason enough.


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Celebrating 10 YEARS!

WE HAVE BEEN BUSY!! Rocking the city with so many locally owned businesses. Excited and happy to have developed and championed so many exciting events

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