Darpan Ahluwalia aka The Total Nutrition Diva

For over 15 years, Darpan Ahluwalia, R.H.N Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Certified Live Blood Analyst, CBA, has been sharing her enthusiasm and passion for helping her customers and clients when it comes to the right kind of nutrition and supplements for them. 

Darpan (AKA Total Nutrition Diva ) owns/operates the Manotick Natural Market and Manotick Wellness Hub, which a local and family-owned business since the late ’90s, where she sees clients of all ages with different health issues.

Darpan is also a Herbalist, a Homeopath, Weight loss Counselor, Aromatherapist/Aroma Touch Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Facilitator of the Trinity Table(the only one in Canada). She is also a Products Knowledge Expert/Educator and Formulator of Goldenroot Tonic-the most bio-available turmeric in the market. 

Her vast knowledge in all aspects of the health field brings her credibility not only in Ottawa but Globally. Understanding nutrition and how to stay healthy are ever-changing topics these days. The only way to untangle all that information is to be able to seek advice and guidance, Darpan is happy to share her knowledge; it is what she lives for and has launched the “Nutritionist on Call” on that basis. With this, she is able to go Global and help people all around the world as their personal nutritionist.

She has also won, “Nutritionist of The Year” Faces Awards 2 years in a row, has been A Distinctive Woman of Canada for the last 3 years, and recently she was also given the Philanthropist of the year award. She is also the Ambassador for the American Anti Cancer Association.

Darpan believes that finding nutritional balance for your body is the key to good health and that the Manotick Natural Market/ Hub can be a great source of not only nutritional education but health and wellness products as well. Working alongside with other practitioners in different fields of healing modalities, our focus is to help the client and optimize the healing, She relies on her tribe to get her clients back on track after she has viewed a client’s blood under a microscope to see how it is processing nutrients, determine how balanced their entire digestive system is functioning, their overall health, and even suggest supplements that best work for their body. “Understanding your health is all about understanding how your body is able to absorb nutrients. It is not what you eat but what you able to absorb is the key, you can eat the best food in the world but if you are not able to assimilate it and break it down, it’s really not doing much good for your body. Darpan Specializes in Gut Health, Weight loss, Woman Issues, and Cancer alongside alkalizing the body among overall body imbalances. My passion is helping people whatever way I can to get them on a healthy path,” Darpan tells us!!

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Contact : Manotick Natural Market, 1136 Tighe Street Ottawa, Ontario 6136921484

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