About SheShops

“Catherine is very bossy and likes to make sure everything is done her way and gets discouraged when things are not going the way she planned. She is kind hearted and always helps her classmates. She has a propensity to learn tasks very quickly but needs to focus.

Catherine sticks up for the children who are feeling left out and manages to include everyone into her world. She enjoys her snack and likes to skip nap time, opting instead to read or colour.

Her colouring skills are excellent although she chooses to stay outside the lines while colouring and actually she re-draws the colouring book lines to suit herself. If she would focus more on tasks at hand, that would be perfect. A pleasure to have in class.”

I think that the one thing we all need to realize is that as business women, our destiny was created a very long time ago and that is the person who is our “core”. Go back and review who you were at three. Quite sure that is the person you are now, in business.
It is NOT an inner child, rather it is an inner “entrepreneur” and you were born with that spirit invested deep into your DNA.
Honour it and rise up to greet it every day because it is “YOU” and it is who you were destined to be.
Catherine Landry- Call Betty!Marketing / Ladies Who Lunch / www.SheShopsLocal.ca

Photos of my childhood growing up in Lagos, Nigeria with my wonderful nannies.